How We Screen Our Nannies

Nannies of Green Hills, LLC takes its reputation and standing in the community very seriously.  This has led us to establish a rigorous interview and screening process for all potential caregivers.

Once we receive a nanny's application, we first establish that they are: 

  • non-smokers
  • are legally eligible to work in the United States
  • have their own vehicle
  • have insurance for their vehicle
  • have the proper amount of references for interview

All nannies with a possibility for placement are brought in for a first interview, where personal information is obtained and a level of competency is determined.  All references are checked for nannies that we determine are ˜placeable'“ including past employment, childcare and personal references.

A nanny with completed references is then scheduled for her second interview with Andrea Tilley, the owner of the agency, who makes the final decision of who will represent her company.

A full criminal background check is performed, including felony and misdemeanor charges, a copy of their driving record is obtained, and social security registration is confirmed.  We also make sure that a nanny is absent from any state's sex offender registry and is CPR certified within 60 days of registration.

We may also run a credit check, health screen or drug test on our caregivers as well. 

These are the criteria that experience has shown us to be effective.  We are always diligent to add new criteria and policies to this process to keep up with changing times.